Saturday, June 12, 2010

GTALK 2010 Edition!

GTalk , better known as Google Talk has surely come to be a part of all our computers soon after GMail showed the world how e-mail is meant to be used.
Now I like things being original, but I simply get bored using things as they are.
After all , five years later GTalk surely needs some new life in it
So here I was staring at a bland white Gtalk one afternoon, and then decided to change things a bit :D

Now this is what I ended up with after 2 days of tweaking.

Take a look at the all new 2010 GTalk that I've coded, with a soft black feel, tweaked response words, a background that you can customize with a picture of your choice, smileys integrated, and a new sound for those incoming messages....
I also put in my own TSE Theme (and if you like you may add your own or customize the themes too)
A dark black Gtalk Theme Skin is what I wanted from so long, so now I made one for myself !
Whether you have Gtalk installed or not, my installer will give you access to all the stuff I have shown here - it's so easy that even my mom can install & use it like a pro !

Now since its been a lot of work, and I don't get paid to do these things, be nice and click on some Ad's on this page to keep me going :)

If you like it leave me a comment, and I'll be glad to share my work with you
For now the download links are not posted - but once I see there is enough clicks (read:Ad.Clicks) & people who want my work - YOU'LL HAVE IT ! :D


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Anonymous said...

hello! if possible, i would love to use your themes.